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About the Integrity Blog

The goal of the Integrity Blog is to inform our readers about everything related to integrity. The areas we cover include food, medicine, supply chains, audit management and much more. All our contributors are very keen on sharing their knowledge in their particular field of expertise with the rest of us. On these pages, we are trying to give you a better understanding of the exciting world we live in and how to make it a better place by breaking down complex dependencies into understandable and easy to digest content. Of course, this doesn’t mean you only get to read semi-professional articles on this blog. It is quite the contrary! But surely all our authors will do their best to keep it understandable for everyone who has no degree in molecular biology or software engineering.

Blogging is believing!

Opinions Expresses by the Authors Are Clearly Their Own

It might happen that some statements by contributers to this blog do not match the opinions or approaches of the Intact GmbH. Since we have a lot of guest authors from outside our own company, we can’t always be in complete agreement with everything written here. Same thing counts for comments made on these pages. We are, of course, monitoring the comments posted here and won’t allow anything that violates basic human decency. There might be cases, like when there is a post about regulations put in place by political authorities, when our users might get political in the comments. As we stated earlier, we do not necessarily share those opinions and will step in if there is anything too extreme. We hope the conversations on this blog will be decent and productive and we are looking forward engaging with all of you.

With that being said, we hope you find this blog entertaining and educational. Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter to keep you up to date.