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Top 10 Food Safety Events and Conferences 2018

Top 10 Food Safety Events 2018

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Check out this year’s most important and interesting conferences in the field of food safety. Take a look at what 2018 has to offer and don’t be too late, some of them are very early in the year!

The list we put together this year deals with more than just food safety alone. We look at how the industry and its stakeholders are dealing with a variety topics that all have to do with food safety and regulations as well as their execution and an outlook on what might happen in the future of this field.

We sorted the list by date and not importance, so that you have a better overview of what is going to take place in 2018.

10th Food Safety Kongress18

February 20-21 | Berlin, Germany

For the tenth time already, Germany’s most important food safety event takes place in the German capital, Berlin. For two days you have the chance to meet everyone who is important in the German food safety industry. The covered topics range from classic risk management in the supply chain to food fraud prevention.

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Preventing Food Fraud – Ensuring Integrity

February 22 | London, United Kingdom

The UK’s biggest conference on this topic–one day, packed with 19 speakers! Covered subject-matters are supply chain visibility, decreasing local and global supplier risks, identify upcoming threats as well as industry trends and legislative changes to keep an eye on. Surely we will get to hear something about the Brexit and its meaning for the industry in the UK.


Global Food Safety Conference

March 5-8 | Tokyo, Japan

The GFSI’s Global Food Safety Conference is a fixture in almost everyone’s schedule. This year we’ll meet in Tokyo to talk with food safety specialists from all over the world. According to their website, food safety specialists from more than 60 countries will attend this conference, so there are plenty of possibilities to network. Topics covered this year range from „big data“ to „auditor competency“ and „nutrition and the future of food“.

You can find out what happened there last year with this summary of the event.

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8th Annual Food Sure Summit

April 16-18 | Amsterdam, Netherlands

An event’s size does not always say something about its quality. The best example for this is the annual Food Sure Summit in Amsterdam. If you are interested in safety and quality in the food and beverage industry–this is definitely the place to be in April. You will learn something about how to increase transparency throughout your supply and value chain, how to maintain a high level of security against food fraud and how to use predictive and in-line testing processes so you can predict safety and quality breaches before production even starts. The last point is something we also have a piece about you can find on our website.

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14th Annual North American Summit on Food Safety

April 17-18 | Toronto, Canada

„Avoid being the next recall; protect the public!“ is the slogan for this summit in the beautiful city of Toronto. Attendees will hear about regulatory changes, how to mitigate risk in their supply chain and how to prepare for audits properly. You will meet people from food manufacturers, processors, retailers, distributors, consultants, auditors & laboratories, representatives from the public health sector as well as industry suppliers & vendors there.

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Food Safety Summit

May 7-10 | Rosemont, Illinois, USA

2018 marks the 20th installment of this event—an anniversary to be proud of! This year theme is the importance of food safety throughout the supply chain and how each community that makes up the ecosystem is connect.

More than 1.600 attendees are expected to visit, if you want to be one of them, find out what you can expect from this event by watching the following video.

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ASSET2018—Belfast Summit on Global Food Integrity

May 28-31 | Belfast, Ireland

Representatives from international governmental agencies, the academic and industrial research community, non-governmental organizations and commercial and technical leaders in the food industry and its supply chain come together to discuss a variety of issues the world has to handle when it comes to food integrity.

This event is right for you when you are interested in themes such as „deliberate contamination of food“, „delivering the nutritional needs for the 21st century global population“ or „human exposure to chemical cocktails present in foods“.

This summit, at its core, is very scientific and needs to be seen as such. We are very interested in this because our company Intact Systems works very closely with Wageningen University in the Netherlands on predictive analytics and machine learning.

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Safe Quality Food International Conference

October 23-25 | Atlanta, Georgia, USA

The Safe Quality Food International Conference will introduce attendees to new technologies, tools and potential partners to enhance their food safety and food quality assurance and further increase their ability to protect their customers, branding and bottom line.

Conference participants will leave with actionable insights, plans, connections, and a clear understanding of how they can improve or implement a food safety and quality program.

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November 5-7 | Lima, Peru

Every two years the GLOBALG.A.P Summit takes place on changing locations all over the world. 2018 we will travel to Peru’s capital Lima to talk about food safety and sustainability as well as good agriculture practices and the future of the industry. This year’s motto is „Creating new markets for responsibly grown food“ and more than 70 speakers are expected to give us an insight on how the GLOBALG.A.P. community plans to achieve their goals.

GLOBALG.A.P published a great trailer for this event, which you can find right here ►►►

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5th and Final FoodIntegrity Conference

November 14-15 | Nantes, France

We conclude our list with a conference that will also conclude after this installment. The FoodIntegrity Conference focuses on the safety, authenticity and quality of European food and adding value to the European Agri-food economy. The conference will be an international focal point for harmonization and exploitation of research and technology for insuring the integrity of European food.

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